What I Have Been Up To (Slacking)

I forgot my password!

So I turned 30 6 months ago and I realised I cannot remember things like my passwords to all sorts of accounts, I cannot remember if I fed my cat (and that greedy boy likes to scam me all the damn time by going all MOM IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN! TIME TO FEED MEEEEE) and I always now think Fridays are Saturdays. I however still think we should all work four days a week. Or three and a half. Or two. Okay fine. Two.

So of course me being me.

I think leading up to my 30th birthday I was obsessed with trying to make the right decisions about every single damn thing in my life. I thought there shouldn’t be any excuse to slack. I thought I should have goals and develop a system to achieve those goals. Beyonce (how do I place an accent on the e?) has 24 hours. I have 24 hours too, and minus 350 million dollars. I should do things that bring significance to my life. Things like maybe put out an album. Although I can’t sing with piano.

And now. At 30.5 years old..  I am taking a time-out.

Time out!!!


Go awayyy!

So I have just been slacking. I go to work and do the bare minimum. And then I go home and just put Netflix on without watching.

Until I discovered this thing called RuPaul’s Drag Race.

If you’re one of those people on my Instagram checking out things I’ve double-tapped you would notice I have been liking drag queen photos.

I used to watch Candidly Nicole years ago and had already seen this:

And then I watched Skin Wars. But I have never pushed play on Drag Race.

So it was accidental. At first! After two episodes it was no longer accidental. It was a choice.

So I really like Drag Race. And I like looking at Sasha Velour’s Instagram

Go check it out..

Now sashay… away..

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