Things I Thought About Today

Random, couch toughts on Sunday:

  • Does a drug like NZT (on that movie Limitless) really exist?
  • Why do Malay people like to give birth so much?
  • When women or, wives, of men who constantly cheat on them write sweet, convincing things on Facebook do I feel sorry for the women, or the men? Or that this is just part and parcel of life so feeling sorry for anyone is unnecessary?
  • Are we allowed to beat children (of guests) who touch things in our home? (Nothing to do with me; I haven’t had random children in my home in years)
  • Lee Hsien Yang and Lee Hsien Loong! Who is the baddie?
  • When the Singapore government say we are short of babies, do they only mean Chinese babies?
  • Why is my cat always naughty?
  • Why am I always naughty?
  • Why is it so hard to feel motivated to date?
  • Are Indonesian women (born and raised) more marry-able than Singaporean Malay women?
  • Is Rihanna’s Love On The Brain difficult to sing at karaoke?

What a busy day I had. 

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